SDCC 2010 Exclusives

All exclusives shown here will begin being sold during Preview Night. Quantities are limited, and sell outs may occur. Limit 1 of each figure per customer. Booth #4729

Mummy Boy

Character Design Brian Flynn

The mascot of Super7, Mummy Boy lost his arm (and his mind) a long time ago, but he doesn't care— he's just happy to be here.

Yellow Vinyl with Bullmark Hedorah Colorway

Limited Quantities $50 ea.

Pocket Mummy Boy

Character Design Brian Flynn

The mascot of Super7,
Mummy Boy lost his arm (and his mind) a long time ago, but he doesn't care— he's just happy to be here. Now available in a handy pocket size.

GID vinyl with Blue spray, Yellow Vinyl with Orange spray

Limited Quantities $25 ea.

Pocket Mummy Gator

Character Design Brian Flynn

A brother from another mother, the Mummy Gator is the mascot of Super7 Florida. Rumor has it he accidentally ate his own arm. Now available in a handy pocket size.

Light Blue Vinyl with White spray, Clear Blue vinyl with dark blue spray

Limited Quantities $25 ea.

Burger Buns

Character Design Lé Merde

A loner and adventurer, Burger Buns is a weird dude. Maybe it is because he is actually a cat.

Unpainted Light Blue Vinyl

Limited Quantities $65 ea.


Character Design L'amour Supreme

The beast from the East, Mongolion is as ill tempered
as he looks. make sure to
treat him with respect.

Clear Light Blue Vinyl with Dark Blue spray

Limited Quantities $65 ea.


Character Design Brian Flynn

One of D.A.R.K.'s most fearsome generals, Stomp is not here to make friends— only foes.

Clear Vinyl with Gold Glitter, Red faded spray

Limited Quantities $50 ea.

Hood Zombie

Character Design Brian Flynn

the footsoliders of D.A.R.K., Hood Zombies are drafted, then grafted into service to the cause; from life to death—
and beyond.

Blue-Green Vinyl with Dark blue and white spray

Limited Quantities $50 ea.

Rose Vampire

Character Design Josh Herbolsheimer

Don't let his dapper charm fool you, the Rose Vampire will steal your heart and never give it back.

Clear Green Vinyl with Dark Green spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.

Power Mister

Character Design David Horvath x Sun-Min

Don't let his smiling veneer
fool you, Power Mister is an evil mastermind out to take over the world. if only he could get his gloves off first.

Fluorescent Green Vinyl with yellow spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.

Big Sal

Character Design Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas

When Big Sal shows up, you
know she is there to collect. make sure to pay up, or you
could end up on an asteroid headed to nowhere.

Clear Purple vinyl with Purple Glitter, black spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.


Character Design Itokin Park

A monster unlike any other, Garuru is a force to be reckoned with. if he doesn't sleep through it first, of course.

Black Vinyl with gold and pink spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.

Fire Robo

Character Design Jeremy Whitaker

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, Fire Robo is here to save the day, because quite frankly, what else is he supposed to do?

Yellow Vinyl with red and silver spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.


Character Design Paul Kaiju

Half monster, half machine and all menace, Partyball is the life of the party—until he decides to destroy it.

Green Vinyl with gold spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.


Character Design Kiyoka Ikeda x Lé Merde

Fresh in from a skate break, Zagarad is as carefree as a summer's breeze. and twice
as fresh.

Clear Orange Vinyl with gold, green and red spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.

Steven the Bat

Character Design Bwana Spoons

Everyone's favorite jelly bagel loving party crasher, Steven the Bat is just as sweet as his tooth will let him be.

Green Vinyl with light blue and beige spray

Limited Quantities $30 ea.


Character Design Brian Flynn

Hiding in the shadows of the dusky night, the Frankenfighter proves two heads are always better than one.

Clear blue vinyl with black and blue faded spray

Limited Quantities $65 ea.


Character Design Brian Flynn

A thousand lost souls in search of a home, Ghostrooper is just as lost in space as he is in the world of man.

Clear Red Vinyl with either Black or blue spray

Figures come blind bagged.

Limited Quantities $65 ea.